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Meet Heather L. Lee

Heather Canva Headshot.png

A writer.

A nurse practitioner.

A partner.

Your organization needs high quality health care writing that appeals to readers.  Reliable content is vital to breaking through SEO rankings and guaranteeing a place at the top as you endear new customers to your brand.   


Nurses have been named the most trusted profession for the past 20 years, according to the most recent Gallup poll. It just makes sense to have a nurse write your health care content.  

As a nurse writer, I am uniquely qualified to deliver that content in an efficient, trustworthy, and engaging way.  My experience across many areas of healthcare is invaluable to capturing insight into complex medical issues, wellness, and other health related issues for consumers, health care professionals, and organizations.   

As a partner, my mission is to work with you to exceed your goals by delivering clear, concise writing that captures your vision from the first draft.  I write blogs, newsletters, news articles, case studies, web content, personal interviews, continuing education, donor profiles, white papers, video scripts, you name it!

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