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Image by Denise Jans


The Last Struggle for Mrs. Stokes

Full length play exploring a family coming to terms with estrangement, anger, and death.

Complexities of Love

Ten minute play focused on a young woman and her views on love from the sarcastic to whimsical.
Produced as part of SUNY-Brockport College's Festival of Ten in 2007.

One Man's Garbage

Ten minute comedic play.  Two men duel for the love of a woman.  Based on Rochester, NY for the bicentennial celebration.
Produced in 2009 by Flour City Theatre.

One Small Flame

Full length play.  In a world trying to wake up, some feelings cannot be suppressed.


Ten minute play.  Boy meets girl.  Boy stalks girl.  You know, the usual.

And the World Was Silent

One act play exploring the selfless actions of Irena Sendler, a social worker in the Warsaw Ghetto in WWII.


Ten minute comedic play.  An unprepared father finds himself at the forefront of his daughter's exploration of human sexuality.

Silent All These Years

Ten minute play.  Two characters discuss the every day stress of just trying to keep up.

Image by Anton Scherbakov

Children's Christmas Plays

Night of Wonder

The nativity gets some rounding out in this ten minute play appropriate for churches and schools to celebrate the Christmas season.

The Angel Project

One act play.  Angels endorse the help of two kids to try to make the world a better place.  Large cast appropriate for churches or schools looking to expand outside of the usual nativity play.

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